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How Do I Modify an Existing Route Setup?

Updated Jun 01, 2020

Locating the Route

Option 1:  Routes Dashboard

Navigate to the K3 Routes dashboard. When you hover over a Route a menu bar will appear at the bottom of the Route icon.

The menu bar helps you to reach the Route modules your User has permission to view.

Option 2:  Route Drop-Down

Locate the Route drop-down menu at the top of the screen and begin typing the Route name or select the Route from the available options in the drop-down menu.

The Routes menu in the left navigation bar helps you to select the modules your User has permission to view.

  1. Data Stream:  View real-time streaming and historical data that has flowed in this Route since it was created.
  2. Fields:  View, add, and edit the Source and Target fields that are defined for the Route.
  3. Mappings: View, add, and edit streaming Mappings that are applied to incoming data.
  4. Rules: View, add, and edit conditional statements that can transform incoming data.
  5. Route Config: View and edit properties associated with Source and Target Adaptors.
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