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How Do I Setup a New Route?

Updated Sep 14, 2021

Starting the Route creation process

  1. Navigate to the K3 Routes dashboard.
  2. Click the floating action button (+) at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Select the Source and Target Adaptors

  1. Select the Source Adaptor for your new Route
  2. Select the Target Adaptor for your new Route
  3. Once you've selected Source and Target Adaptors you'll be taken to the Adaptor configuration view

Complete Adaptor Configuration

  1. Enter the Route Name at the top of the New Route page.
  2. Fill out the Source Adaptor configuration fields. Not all fields are required - follow the link at the bottom of this section for more information on various types of Adaptors.
  3. Select the Target Adaptor tab and fill in the configuration fields.
  4. Click the Create button to save your Route configuration. K3 will initiate the process of consuming from the Source Adaptor and sending output data to the Target Adaptor.

Video Walkthrough

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