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How Do I See The State Of a Process in K3 Data Stream?


Record status in K3 is concerned with what state the data is in with respect to external Target systems.  For example, when data is input into K3, Mappings and Rules are applied, and the data is pushed to a downstream application that accepts the payload, K3 records that the data is in a "Successful" state. The data can terminate in a handful of other statuses besides "Success" as the result of actions implemented in K3 Rules or in response to external Target system interactions.  K3 will maintain a live record of the state throughout the route workflow and the final resulting state will remain in place in the Data Stream. 

Checking State in Data Stream

On the left-hand side of the screen, the user will see a colored dot indicating the state. There are several available states out of the box. These include:

  • Success: This means the data was sent to the downstream system and accepted.
  • Failed: This means the data was rejected.
  • Dropped: This means that the data failed a validation rule.
  • In-Progress: this means that the data is in the process of being streamed.
  • Pending: This means that the data will stay in K3 Data Stream until manually Pushed downstream.

How Do I Change the State of Data In K3?

The state can be changed in K3 for a given payload by Repushing (i.e. reflowing) the data. It should be noted that setting a specific state is not possible as the state of a payload is determined by processing the data through K3 to the external Target system. 

  1. Navigate to the affected rows.  For example, Failed data will have a red dot to the left of the data.  
  2. Select the row by placing a checkbox on the row (leftmost on the screen)
  3. Navigate to the bottom right of the screen and press Repush

Repush has the effect of Re-flowing data. This means that the data already processed by K3 will re-transit mappings and rules such that any correction can be picked up.

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