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How Do I Create a New Passthrough Mapping

Updated Jun 23, 2021

There are two ways to create Pass-Thru mappings. Logically, from the Mapping screen, you can create a new mapping. Additionally, mappings can be created directly from the Fields screen. 

Create a Passthrough Mapping from the Mapping Screen

  1. At the bottom right of the screen click the floating plus button.  This action will allow you to choose Value Mapping or Pass-through mapping. 
  2. Select "New Passthrough Mapping."  Upon clicking this action you will be taken immediately to the column header selection.
  3. Use the typeahead to find the "Source" column you want to move data from.
  4. Move to the target and use the typeahead search to find the "Target" column you want to move data to.
  5. If you are satisfied with the selections click Save.  
  6. The name of the Mapping is automatically generated for you using the Source and Target column names.

Create a Passthrough Mapping from the Fields Screen

  1. In the Field screen, click any field from the source or target field list.
  2. In the expanded Field section, click the Add New under the Passthrough Mappings header
  3. The Passthrough Mapping will pre-populate either the Source or Target Field based on your initial selection in step 1.
  4. Simply, select the alternate side of the mapping. If you selected a source field then choose the target field to map to. Alternatively, if you selected a target field to map then choose the source field to map from. 
  5. Click the Save button.

Video Walkthrough

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