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Passthrough Mapping FAQs

Updated Jun 23, 2021

  1. Can I use a Passthrough mapping to move data from one data type to another?   No.  Data types in a mapping MUST always match. You will notice for example that when you select an Integer or "int" the selection for the target automatically filters just "int" targets.  
  2. What do I do if I need to change a data type?  For example, change "int" to "string"    Go to the Fields Screen.   Find the field value you would like to change.  By Clicking on it you will notice an icon () button. Click on the Pencil button and change the data type to the one you desire.
  3. How do I delete a Passthrough mapping?  Simply hover over the mapping.  An icon () will appear on the mapping.  Click the icon and then select "Delete Mapping" to completely delete the mapping.
  4. What happens if I accidentally delete a Passthrough Mapping? Don't worry.  Pass through mappings are easy and quick to create. 
  5. Is there any difference between doing Passthrough Mappings from the Mapping or Fields screen?   No. 
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