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What is a Value Mapping?

Updated Jun 28, 2019

Value Mappings are a simple way to express: If This | Then That.   For example take the following setup.

Coming from the source system in a column batter, player values are expressed as a number.  But this is neither useful for human interpretation, nor is it likely to be usable in a downstream system.  Thus, in this scenario we have setup a Value Mapping to transform the data using actual player names.   In the K3 mapping service this transformation is done immediately upon entering the system.   For example when Source data is received with Batter 592091 it is automatically transformed in the target to batter_name as A.J. Achter.   In other words If batter 592091 shows up in the system then automatically transform it to batter_name A.J. Achter.

Creating a Value Mapping in K3

Create a Value Mapping from the Mapping Screen.

  1. At the bottom right of the screen click the floating plus button.  This action will allow you to chose Value Mapping or Pass Thru mapping. 
  2. Select New Value Mapping  to navigate to the Value Mapping creation and edit mode.
  3. Enter a descriptive name for the Value Mapping
  4. Use the typeahead functionality to find the correct Input Fields and Output Fields 
  5. Under the input fields, enter values coming from the Source System for transformation.  If you have a long list of values feel free to copy them and CTRL+V to populate the left hand column.
  6. Under the output fields, enter values you want to the source values changed to.  If you have a long list of Source and Target fields, copy them and CTRL+V to populate columns.
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