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How Do I Use Reporting?

Updated Jun 01, 2020

The reporting module is a way to seamlessly interact with data in the database.  K3 users are able to do anything they like with the native K3 Data Store (relational database).   It is also a convenient place to join data together.

1. Navigate to the Reporting Screen.

2. On the screen you will see the inventory of Routes.

3. Select a desired Route by placing a check mark. 

4. Click Next.

5. The user has the option to download the automatically generated SQL statement or Tableau file.

The SQL statement can be easily pasted into any BI or SQL tool.  For example if you wanted to do analysis in Qlik, simply paste the SQL statement there.   When a user selects two or more routes, the Generate SQL  will automatically create a "join" between  different database tables.  

For harmonizing data it is common to simply map different data sets over to a common canonical form.  For example, lets say that the user wanted to join Super Store with Duper Store.   Some fields, despite being the same thing, are named differently.    By harmonizing these through K3 ETL fucntions it becomes easy to create clean Tableau and other B.I. reports.

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